Sustainable Mother’s Day Gifts

Sustainable Mother’s Day Gifts

As a mama, who is fortunate to be a mama, and to have a mama/god mamas/grand mamas, here are some gifts I'm offering for you to buy your mama self, your baby mama, mama, and mama figure in your life!



Did you know the candles we sell can be sent back to the maker or to us, where we collect in bulk and give back to the maker. This helps promote the circular economy - where the candlemaker can reuse the candle vessel for new candles! 🤯 By reusing existing candle containers, it reduces the need to use more of earth’s resources. You can contact us when you’re ready to return a candle and we’ll email you a shipping label. Less waste for you, better for the planet.


Habit and Mood Tracker

Does Mom like to jump start into new habits or needs support with an existing goal or habit? Our habit and mood trackers provide just the thing. These journals are made of sustainable materials. The makers, Diana and Lizzy believe that journaling should not have to compromise sustainability. True words never spoken clearer! 

These planners are hand sewn together AND recyclable.

Most other planners have a ring or binding which makes it hard to recycle and end up needing to be thrown into the trash! Also paper used in other planners may not be recyclable either. This sister duo also runs on 75% renewable energy!! Amazing amazing amazing.


Home Decor Kit

This home decor kit includes two handwoven baskets made from Manila hemp - by Philippine artisans. The maker, LIKHA's has a mission to help empower these artisans and their families to overcome poverty. These baskets come in two sizes. We like to use one in the kitchen to store our large cooking utensils. Mom will love these baskets to decorate her house! It also comes with an art book, by Filipino authors and artists, Kenneth and Crescenciana Tan. Kenneth's grandmother painted watercolors, and Kenneth drew over her paintings. A true family collaboration!


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