Are you a small business and interested in being highlighted by Kurated Kultura? Or are you a business who wants to collaborate to make your own Kurated Kit?

If you’re offering your products - Do you/your founder identify as Asian/Asian American, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander (AANHPI)? 

If so, please send us an email at psst(a t)kuratedkultura d o t com or fill out the form below.

Please include:

  • Business name
  • 2-3 sentence biography about the founder
  • Ethnicity of the founder
  • What products do you offer and do you offer wholesale?
  • If so, what is your wholesale pricing and minimum order quantity?
  • Do you have invoicing options and a way to take credit card payments?
  • Where is the business located?
  • What is your favorite thing about being an AANHPI led business?

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