A self care kit - that cares for you, for the environment, and for others

A self care kit - that cares for you, for the environment, and for others

I started Kurated Kultura as a way to fill the gap of something I was missing - a way to find Filipino and other Asian American, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Isander (AANHPI) led businesses to buy the things that I wanted to buy.

As a mom of two young kids, I also needed to set aside intentional time for myself. Cue in: late night journaling. And as someone who lives in a one bedroom apartment, often times the time I have for myself is in the dark. (who wants to wake a sleeping toddler - who also happens to be a v light sleeper!). So I started using candles so I can journal at night, or when I unrolled my yoga mat and practiced in the dark candelight. Daybreak/early mornings were too risky. I didn’t want to awaken the sleeping dragon during its lightest sleep window because I still cosleep with the little dragons. 

There’s something about the flicker of a match and a candle (or 3) to illuminate your sanctuary/safe space and set your intentions, and journal. The warmth of a candle also provides a certain ambiance that artificial light just cannot imitate. 

So the first thing I carried and started selling earlier this year is a self care box (the vision came to me while I was ha, journaling late one night). The kit would be filled with items from people who looked like me, who were immigrants or children of immigrants, navigating the diaspora, of being not Filipino enough, not American enough. 

I included a candle, sparkling water, reading material, a crystal, and the best late night snack, cookies! ALL FROM FILIPINO MAKERS, ARTISTS, CREATIVES, BAKERS!! 

Since then I have rotated items in the self care kit - new candles, different literature/reading/writing material, sweet and savory snacks. All focusing on AANHPI businesses.

My current offering in the self care kit is a candle by a filipina owned business Mica Javier, a face sheet mask from a Taiwanese business ESW beauty, and a habit and mood tracker from Cork and Luna, led by Latinx and Asian sisters, Diana and Lizzy.

I love how I am able to incorporate AANHPI brands who also care about the environment! The candle comes in a glass vessel where you can reuse the container to store items. The face sheet mask is compostable (!!) I cannot believe i found a beauty company where you can compost their products. Then the tracker is handmade in small batches and is fully recyclable! Amazing. 

Sustainability is such an important part of my every day life and I am so excited I am able to weave it into the business model of Kurated Kultura. 

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